Friday, April 9, 2010

End of Week 1

Week 1 ended on a windy and cold note this morning. We were happy to stay dry but not so pleased with the cold handles on the kettlebells. The weather should only get better from here on out (fingers crossed) but I'd like to remind everyone to dress in layers for class so you're ready for anything.

We started out today with some core exercises - 2 sets of windmills & woodchoppers, a quick jog, followed by a high pull/snatch tabata to get warm, 3 sets of lunges/burpees/swings, and ended with a relay of bodyweight exercises - high knees, push ups, bootstrap, burpees, mountain climber, and butt kicks. I think they were pretty warm by the end but next time I'm bringing mittens - I was fa-rozen!


  1. i heard from a kettlebell trainer at nubodys that if you buy those $1 store stretchy gloves. you know the one size fits all... they keep your hands warm until you warm up in cold weather and they help the bell move smoothly as well. just an idea.

  2. I would be careful wearing those kinds of gloves while handling kettlebells as it would be hard to grip the handle. I mentioned mittens in the post because my hands got cold while holding the tabata timer...I don't work out with the classes so I can keep an eye on everyones form.