Saturday, April 17, 2010

The snow can't stop us!

About 45min before today's free Intro to Kettlebell session was scheduled to start, rain and snow started to fall from the sky. We scrambled to get the message out the the class would be rescheduled but continued to the Garrison Grounds just in case a few people showed up.

Apparently a little snow and rain isn't enough to scare off the ten people that showed up to participate and learn about basic kettlebell moves. We went over the fundamentals (swings, cleans, active rest) and went over some bodyweight excercises (burpees, bootstrap, and mountian climbers). Then when everyone had the exercises down we went through a tabata and a superset.

The class was awesome! They caught on to everything really quickly and the weather even cleared up through most of the hour.

Thanks to those who came out despite the weather and for those of you that did see the cancellation notices in time - not to worry, I will be putting on another class in the near future. If you'd like to receive notifications for our upcoming event make sure you join the mailing list.

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