Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trying new things

Since I've stopped taking kettlebell classes (at the end of March) and started teaching them I've found it difficult to push myself during workouts on my own. I've also noticed a plateau in my weight over the last few weeks. To give myself a kick start I tried two new things this week - hot yoga and a running group.

The hot yoga class was at Moksha Yoga a friend told me about the class, she had gone the previous week and enjoyed it plus it was only $5! A great price when you're just trying something out. It was my first time doing yoga in about 5 years and I found it a little odd at first that everyone set up their mats, laid down and didn't talk to each other. I guess I'm just used to working out with a chatty bunch of people. But there were going for a serene environment here - a little different then getting ready to throw around some iron cannonballs! The instructor was really great, she described each pose thoroughly so everyone was able to follow what was happening - I really appreciated that with my lack of experience. The heat of the room combined with the yoga poses made me sweat like never before! The poses were challenging with modifications depending on your level - I tried to do some of the harder stuff just to see if I could - I'm competitive that way. It was a tough workout, I'll definitely go back and try it again.

The running group that I went out with tonight was an event put on through lululemon. They have lots of events put on every month, all of them free. Our leader Stacy Chesnutt took us on a 8km loop through Point Pleasant Park. For some reason, I'm not sure why, I thought we were going to run & walk to prepare us for eventually running a 5km or 10km race. I was wrong. We did walk for a few minutes to warm up and then started the run. I was ok in the beginning keeping up with the front of the pack then I slowly moved to the back - I started out a little faster than I'm used to and ended up short of breath immediately. Once we were in the park I need to walk a few steps to catch my breath. Stacy fell back to check on me and let me know what loop the run would cover so I could catch up, which I did.....right before we started intervals - run of a speed of 8 out of 10 for 30 sec then drop to a slow run for 2min and repeat. I wasn't able to do the repeat part in the first loop or the second but I didn't get too far behind. Then the run back to the store....I fell way behind here but, I continued running at a slow pace the entire way back and didn't stop to walk. I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing but I probably should have tried to run a little more before joining a group. The furthest I've gone before is about 6km at a slow pace and I haven't been out running much at all lately. I'd like to join the group again but I may go out for a couple runs on my own first and work on my breathing and endurance.

It was a great start to my week trying a few new things and seeing how different types of classes are lead. Maybe some of the people I met this week will be out to try my kettlebell class next :)

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