Friday, May 7, 2010

Another week one ends.

The M,W,F morning class has completed another week one with a brutal workout in the sun, luckily there was a cool breeze to keep the sweat under control. I gave the group this workout:

10 Windmills
30 sec right hand swing
30 sec right clean
30 sec right press
30 sec dbl hand swing
30 sec left hand swing
30 sec left clean
30 sec left press
30 sec dbl hand swing
10 burpees
plank tabata
repeat set above
15 jump squats
15 mountain climbers/side
15 press/side
15 push ups
Repeat set
Swing tabata

After class they suggested I try it out for my workout, I did.....and it sucked....what really did me in was the swing tabata at the end. So, I guess I'd like to say I'm sorry and you're welcome.

Have a great weekend!

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