Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting past a plateau

Most people that try to lose a significant amount of weight hit a plateau at some point along the way. I hit my weight plateau in May as I closed in on 70lbs lost and I'm just coming out of it now. When I realized my weight had stabilized I started looking at things I could change.

My workouts had slowed as I was spending much of my time trying to grow my new business and I was no longer attending kettlebell classes myself. It is very hard to motivate yourself to workout alone! When I had started working out my constant motivator was Steve. We did all of our workouts together, but now he was attending my classes 3 days a week and I needed a new workout partner. I started heading over to Cole Harbour to work out with my sister-in-law (Leah) a couple of days a week and we do the same workouts that I prepare for my classes. Sometimes it takes us 90min to complete a 45min workout but we have fun (even though she tells me she hates me sometimes during those workouts) and I get to spend some time with her and the kids on those days as well. In July, I also started attending a bootcamp twice a week. It's run by Devin Sherrington of 360 Wellness and Fitness, he's a great trainer, the exercises really knock me on my butt because they're different from what I've been doing for the last year and half. I think it's important to make a change every once in a while and try new things.

Next I looked at my food. I'm someone that really needs to take account of what I'm eating as I can easily over/under eat on any given day and both can have a negative affect on your progress. I also looked at the types of food I was eating in general as well as factoring in my workouts. I realized that I was making a very common mistake, I was trying to stay away from "the bad carbs" like white rice, bread, and pasta which is good but I wasn't eating the healthy versions of those foods, the whole grain versions. I had scared myself into not eating any grains! Also, I was not eating enough protein for someone that works out with heavy weights on a regular basis.

Making these changes over the last few weeks has started to bring my weight down again, 2lbs so far! While I feel like I'm reaching a point that I should be more concerned about how healthy I look and feel than paying close attention to a scale, I do want to get in and stay in a healthy weight range and I'm not quite there yet.

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  1. I just got out of my plateau. I was the same weight for about 2 mos no matter how hard I worked. I do realize I was loosing inches but that unwaivering number was frustrating. I decided to get on the scale yesterday and I was down 5lbs! Looks like all that hard work FINALLY paid off! Congrats on your jump off your ridge!!