Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here comes 2011!!

The New Year is almost here and as we're all out celebrating with good friends, food, and cheer there is one thing in the back of our minds.....I am so going to need to work out after the holidays! Kettlebells is the ultimate workout, it combines strength with cardio while engaging your entire body in each exercise! Kettlebells have helped countless men and women (including me) drop unwanted fat while building long, lean muscles.

Everyone that's ever belonged to a gym knows that it will be packed in January which means lots of signing up, lining up, and waiting for classes. Or you could join a Julie Mac Fitness kettlebell class. The class size is limited so each client gets personal attention. The workouts are quick, tough, and because there are so many exercises to choose from, every workout is different.

If you want results, without the gym crowds, contact me at
New classes start January 3rd.

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