Monday, January 24, 2011

Tommy Europe - Shred Bootcamp

My husband wins stuff to shows, gift cards, and we even have a set of house speakers still in the box if anyone is interested in them :)  He only enters free contests so we don't have much hope of winning the lottery but it's still pretty cool. When I saw that there was a contest to win tickets to the Tommy Europe Shred Bootcamp in Halifax I knew that if we entered as a team, his luck would win it for us, and it did!

The bootcamp was put on as part of the Optimyz Expo at Exhibition Park. Around 200 people showed up to work out with Tommy, I was surprised we all fit AND had room for burpees! The workout was an hour long and included a variety of exercises that worked every muscle in my body. There was a small stage where Tommy demonstrated the movements, giving beginner and advanced options, then he walked around giving participants tips and motivation. The workout itself was pretty tough and it didn't help that I wanted to do the advanced version of every exercise, what can I say....I like a challenge!

The best part of winning though was that I was able to go to the VIP reception during the first night of the Expo where I had a chance to have a one on one conversation with Tommy. I asked him for some industry advice, he was really nice and genuine. I'm glad I got the opportunity to go, not only did I get some good advice but I also learned some new moves to torture use with my clients!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12th - Class Cancelled

Please note that class is cancelled for today due to weather.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Weather

Since there is a snowfall warning for tomorrow I thought it would be a good time to let everyone know that if a class needs to be cancelled due to weather I will post it here as well as on facebook and twitter. I will give as much notice as I am able but if you are unsure when you are leaving for class please also feel free to send me an email at

Monday, January 10, 2011

The holidays are O-V-E-R!

Today I tried to keep myself busy. I got my snow tires put on my car, had lunch with my niece, hung out with my sister-in-law, and then got myself ready for class. The reason I was purposely trying to busy or distract myself is because today the holidays were finally over.....Steve went back to work. He'd been off for 3 weeks and I got kind of used to having him around all the time: running errands with me, working out with me, and just being there to hang out. 

While I was thinking about how much it sucked to have him go back to work and how much fun we had over the last 3 weeks I remembered the Christmas workout that we created. I hadn't been able to put a class through the whole workout over Christmas because there are a lot of exercises involved requiring a certain amount of technique, and each class had brand new people attending. We tried once and got part way through but the teaching time necessary wouldn't allow us to complete the workout. Tonight however, I knew I would have a class of only experienced clients so I put on my workout gear as well and we completed the "12 Days of Kettlebell"!

Here's how it goes: 

*Just like in the song each set (or day) starts with a new exercise followed by the entire previous set!*

On the first day of Kettlebell my trainer gave to me - 1 full minute of swings
On the second day of Kettlebell my trainer gave to me - 2 Turkish Get Ups (1 per side)
On the third day of Kettlebell my trainer gave to me - 3 jump squats
On the fourth day of Kettlebell my trainer gave to me - 4 clean and press (per side)
On the fifth day of Kettlebell my trainer gave to me - 5 evil jumps!
On the sixth day of Kettlebell my trainer gave to me - 6 bootstrap
On the seventh day of Kettlebell my trainer gave to me - 7 swings per side
On the eighth day of Kettlebell my trainer gave to me - 8 mountain climbers
On the ninth day of Kettlebell my trainer gave to me - 9 leg lifts
On the tenth day of Kettlebell my trainer gave to me - 10 long lunges
On the eleventh day of Kettlebell my trainer gave to me - 11 perfect push ups
On the twelfth day of Kettlebell my trainer gave to me - 12 deep deadlifts

With a total of 430 reps and 12 minutes of swings we ended up going over time for the 45 minute class but no one wanted to stop until we finished all 12 days. It was AWESOME!!!

Now what can I think of for tomorrow's class...... ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Steve is taking an extra long holiday and since he's been home with me I've been bouncing ideas off of him for workouts. This afternoon we were discussing workout possibilities and we decided to make a themed workout, since today is January 5th it became the day of fives. We did 5 reps of each exercise and 5 rounds of each set. We did this because sometimes when you look at your whole workout it can seem impossible BUT if you just think about the next 5's easy!  Here's what we did:

5 rounds of:
5 Windmill followed by 5 snatch on each side

5 rounds of 5 burpees

5 rounds of:
5 rows feet together (each sides)
5 rows with one foot back (each sides)
5 rows with one foot in the air (each sides)

5 rounds of 5 burpees

5 rounds (without stopping) of:
5 double handed swings, 5 swings right, 5 swings left, 5 alt swings

5 rounds of:
5 cleans, 5 presses, 5 clean & press (each side)

At the end we were tired but smiling because together we finished a pretty intimidating workout, one which we all agreed we could not push ourselves to do on our own but together and in sets of five it didn't seem so impossible.