Monday, January 24, 2011

Tommy Europe - Shred Bootcamp

My husband wins stuff to shows, gift cards, and we even have a set of house speakers still in the box if anyone is interested in them :)  He only enters free contests so we don't have much hope of winning the lottery but it's still pretty cool. When I saw that there was a contest to win tickets to the Tommy Europe Shred Bootcamp in Halifax I knew that if we entered as a team, his luck would win it for us, and it did!

The bootcamp was put on as part of the Optimyz Expo at Exhibition Park. Around 200 people showed up to work out with Tommy, I was surprised we all fit AND had room for burpees! The workout was an hour long and included a variety of exercises that worked every muscle in my body. There was a small stage where Tommy demonstrated the movements, giving beginner and advanced options, then he walked around giving participants tips and motivation. The workout itself was pretty tough and it didn't help that I wanted to do the advanced version of every exercise, what can I say....I like a challenge!

The best part of winning though was that I was able to go to the VIP reception during the first night of the Expo where I had a chance to have a one on one conversation with Tommy. I asked him for some industry advice, he was really nice and genuine. I'm glad I got the opportunity to go, not only did I get some good advice but I also learned some new moves to torture use with my clients!

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