Saturday, November 5, 2011

3 Months Left!

From what I've read, it is normal to be extremely tired during your first trimester of pregnancy, then you get your energy back for the second trimester, followed by more tiredness throughout your third. Tomorrow I will begin my third trimester and I'm hoping that will be my chance for some renewed energy! :)

I have been continuing to workout twice a week with my trainer as well as my 3 kettlebell workouts per week. I just have more rest time and naps in between to compensate. Overall though I'm feeling great! I'm actually feeling like I'm pretty lucky as I by passed the morning sickness stage all together and I haven't had any major issues so far (knock on wood).

The biggest change to my kettlebell workouts has been using a lighter bell. I've moved down from using a 45lb bell for swings and 35lb bell for overhead to using a 25lb bell for pretty much everything. I don't get quite the burn that I'm used to with the lower weight but it's easier to keep my heart rate at a reasonable level and I think my little girl appreciates me not pushing my limits. I'm hoping that pacing myself will help me stay healthy and continue with my workouts until close to the end of my pregnancy.

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