In January 2009 I had my first session with a personal trainer, he really put me through my paces and made me realize just how out of shape I was and how much work I had ahead of me. It was at this time that I was introduced to kettlebells. I was a little skeptical of them at first, they look like a cannonball with a handle and I wasn't sure what to do with it. I quickly learned just a few of the many, many exercises possible and was definitely convinced that they work. After using kettlebells for just over a year I was in the best shape of my life. Strong, fit, and down about 80lbs! When used properly kettlebells give you an awesome fat-burning workout that targets your entire body. It is definitely a cardio workout but because you're also using a weight for resistance you are actually building muscle while you're burning fat and your metabolism will increase significantly.

Kettlebells and exercise really changed my life, there are so many more opportunities open to me, things that when I was heavier and inactive wouldn't have seemed possible to me. This made me want to help others and motivate them to reach their fitness potential and so I have been certified as a Kettlebell Instructor through Agatsu as well as a Nutrition & Wellness Specialist through Can-Fit Pro.

In 2011 I was ecstatic to learn that I was pregnant with our first child. As you can imagine I was concerned with my body going through changes again and gaining back some of the weight I lost. I worked out with a trainer throughout my pregnancy, watched my nutrition and of course kept swinging my kettlebells. As a result, I had a very easy pregnancy. I felt great the entire time even though she waited an extra 2 weeks after my due date before arriving! Everything was going as smoothly as possible and my weight had almost all come off until I sustained an injury about 4 months postpartum. It took 3 years of a variety of tests and a missed diagnosis before I was sent to a specialist that would be able to help me. Unfortunately during this time I was in a lot of pain which made any type of exercise very difficult. My weight crept back up as a result and in January 2016 I was back to my heaviest weight.

Now, I'm a stay at home mom with two really great kids. I'm pain free and working at getting back to the fit person I was in 2010/2011 with the challenges of working around the needs of my family. I'm pretty lucky to have a very supportive husband that encourages me and friends that come over to workout with me even though I occasionally throw burpees into the plan! 

I love being home with my kids but I also really miss teaching classes and interacting with my clients. Before I know it the munchkins will be on their way to school so planning workouts with my friends helps me keep up my skills and I decided to change this website to be a blog about my experiences. One day you may see me teaching at a gym again but for now if you want an update on my journey, this is where I'll be.